2018 Monster 821


The new Monster 821 is the epitome of what a naked sportbike should be: muscular, yet lean with no excess weight from non-essential equipment to be found. A beefy front end, exposed Trellis frame and tiny tail give the 821 an all-up-front look that just accentuates its aggressive nature. Ducati powers the Monster 821 with its Desmodromic Testastretta 11-degree engine. The “11-degree” bit comes from the number of degrees of rotation where valve overlap occurs as both the intake and exhaust valves are both open simultaneously around TDC of the exhaust stroke. The volumes, silhouette, tank, and headlight characterize the design of the Monster 821 and remain true to the original lines of the bike born in 1993 while revisiting them with a modern flair. The iconic tank comes with a fastening hook, just like the first Monster.


  • Stock #: U2153
  • Color: Ducati Red
  • Miles: 362

*Vehicle Sales Price excludes a $695 destination fee, $495 set up fee.

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