If you are into custom fabricated Motorcycles then you know Pepo Rosell, the head of XTR Pepo.  Born in France and living in Spain, Pepo has been fabricating custom motorcycles for almost 20 years.  His bikes are not just bolt-ons and paint.  These are true “custom” built motorcycles that are big improvements over what the factory has turned out.

XTR Pepo’s latest creation is a stunning homage to the 80’s Pantah, Ducati’s first foray into belt driven, Desmo Cams. 

The starting point?  A Ducati Monster 821.  This bike, equipped with a 4-valve Liquid Cooled Desmo Engine.  With 112HP on tap, 65.9 Ft. Lbs. of Torque and a dry weight of just under 400Lbs.  It’s a fun package to start with. 

Once stripped of all it’s bodywork and left with a rolling chassis, Pepo and his team set out to create a different concept all together, a retro-racer that any old school Ducati fan would appreciate.

Once the bodywork and mounts were crafted, the remainder of the bike was artfully modified. 

Check out the following Mods:

  • New high-flow DNA Racing air filters
  • Spark 2-into-1 headers and a Spark megaphone silencer
  • A lightweight lithium polymer battery from Transmission GP
  • Clip-on handlebars
  • Foldable CNC machined clutch and brake levers from CNC Racing
  • Aluminium race-spec radiator from RC Radiators.
  • A hydraulic clutch conversion kit
  • Öhlins rear monoshock
  • New internals were fitted inside the forks

The best part, this is supposed to be available as a kit for Monster 821/1200.  We are in! How about you?