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For motorcycle owners that are part of the Mototainment family, riding is much more than getting from A to B.

It’s about adventure. It’s about precise Italian and British engineering. And an appreciation for motorcycles designed with character, to carry the soul! 

That’s why we’ve created MyMoto Resources — sort of an online Rider’s Lounge – a place where you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions, and connect with our specialized know-how.  Our goal is to enhance your riding experience, so please let us know how we’re doing.

Welcome. It’s great to have you here.


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    If you’re looking for the ‘be everything to everybody’ motorcycle dealer, we’re probably not a good fit for you.

    But, if you’re looking for a dealer who’s passionate about Ducati and Triumph, and all the cool bits that go along with them, we’d love to meet you!

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    Most states require that anyone operating a motorcycle must have a motorcycle endorsement on their existing driver license or a separate motorcycle license.

    And many states now require a Motorcycle Education Program depending on your age.  For more specific information following the links to CT DMV, NJ DMV, and NY DMV

    We only get to help you with a new bike purchase.  The renewal is now your responsibility – sorry.

    Visit NY DMV for information about registration renewals and renewal alerts.

    Title issuance varies by state, but typically when we register your bike or request a replacement title, it can take up to 90 days to receive the title certificate from the DMV in the mail.


    Although NY inspections don’t take long to perform, we regret that same day and ‘drop-in’ inspections cannot be accommodated because our service department is downstairs.

    Our service bikes are pre-scheduled to move up/down the building’s freight elevator, because the state mandates that inspections be performed in a licensed area and therefore cannot be completed on the street.

    Make an Appointment

    If you’re a beginning rider, you should take the “Motorcycle RiderCourse” developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).

    Call 1-800-446-9227 for the number of a training site near you. And, even if you’ve racked up some major saddle time, you can benefit from taking MSF’s “Experienced RiderCourse.”

    Yes, we are always looking to buy motorcycles in great condition.

    Whether your family situation has changed, or you just haven’t ridden for a while, contact us today!

    • We pay you immediately
    • We save you time and eliminate the hassle associated with selling
    • We buy regardless of the season
    • We work with financial institutions to pay off your loan
    • We help you coordinate everything so it’s convenient for you

    The process is simple:

    1. Call us and answer a few simple questions or fill out our Trade/Sell form
    2. We provide you with an estimated purchase price based on the info you have provided
    3. We arrange to get your bike and review it
    4. We complete all the paperwork
    5. We pay you on the spot

    Each department is responsible for their respective warranty information.

    Service Dept – All Motorcycles
    Apparel Dept – Apparel, Gear & Merchandise
    Parts Dept – Parts and Accessories
    Finance Dept – Extended Warranties

    Please complete the information on our Contact Us page.

    Yes, in fact we encourage it by offering our 100% Easy Exit Guarantee.  Read more on our Deposit/Pre-Order a bike page.
    We’ve got something for everyone when they’re ready to buy, but sometimes our manufacturers offer their own promos.

    For a current list, click Special Offers and follow the page down to the section about incentives.  Contact us directly for any additional special offers we may have for you, too.

    We’ll always work with you and your schedule, even if that means we might not meet you.

    Please complete the information on our Deposit/Pre-Order page and we’ll get in touch to firm up the rest of the details.

    We sell bikes to people from all over the country, looking to explore New York then adventure home.  We call it our personalized ‘Fly and Ride’ program.

    When we sell a bike, the manufacturer requires us to report the vehicle information with owner information and an address in the United States.  The owner can then make arrangements to ship the bike anywhere they want.

    Please note that manufacturers discourage cross border sales and we encourage everyone to research the importation and vehicle registration requirements beforehand.

    Finance rates are determined primarily by your credit score, so if you have run a report recently, we can give you a ‘ball park’ answer.  Even then we’d just be guessing, and we both know how that works out!

    If you are truly interested in a bike, there is no cost, nor obligation to run an application to check your purchasing power.  And if you don’t find the bike of your dreams within 30 days, whatever you’ve been approved for, will automatically expire.

    Get Pre-Approved and you’ll have the definitive answer.

    Yes, in fact it’s a huge time saver. Over 75% of buyers will finance, so you’ll go to the front of the line – an extra bonus during the season!

    You can start with our Financial Services page or jump right to our Credit Application page.

    The fastest way to get on our schedule is to make an Appointment.
    We love the way you think!  The page you want is here.
    As a Mototainment customer, you instantly receive VIP status when you make your first qualifying parts or accessories purchase.

    Our VIP Member Rewards program is just our way of saying thanks very much for your business.  And the more cool stuff you get, the more reward points you earn, the more cool stuff you get…

    About VIP Rider Rewards

    Some of our manufacturers offer this service during a special fitting event.  If you need special sizing, we’ll be happy to measure you up and discuss the options with you.

    We have access to professional tailors who might be able to help.  Send us your information on the FitShop Form located here.

    We generally have information for models going back about 8-10 model years.

    You might find information on the Ducati and Triumph corporate sites, or find a specialist for the model you have interest in through the internet.

    We are planning to add a downloadable PDF brochure to every motorcycle model page.

    You can view or download a brochure by choosing a model and clicking the brochure tab just above the main image. If there isn’t a tab, we haven’t added the brochure and you can send us a request from the Contact Us page.

    To go global, you’ll want to visit the corporate site for Ducati and Triumph. Depending on distribution for your country, you may be redirected to a country specific website or directly access a region and dealer locator.
    You might wonder why we don’t publicize spy shots and other Moto rumors on our own blog.

    Well, here’s the short version – Our manufacturers allow us the privilege to view and sometimes test ride new models in advance of ‘official’ public announcements, so we can prepare our orders to the factory.

    In order for us to participate in these viewings, we sign an embargo document that says we are not allowed to share anything until we’re given the green light, or risk losing these privileges going forward, or worse!

    We love sharing good news, so we’ll post new model-year information as soon as we can.  If you can’t find something here and it’s big news in Moto rumor land, we won’t confirm, nor deny it, but we’re happy to place you on our Waiting List with a 100% Deposit Guarantee.

    By all means, share the good news about finding your next bike.
    Every model detail page allows you to forward to a friend via email and social media services, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and email.
    You can find prices for our bikes on two separate page views.

    First, when you search inventory, the matching results page will show the price on the far right side for each model.

    Secondly, when you click ‘view details’, to open the model details page, you will see the price in the upper right corner.

    All prices shown on our site do not include tax, delivery, dealer fees, or other applicable charges unless otherwise noted.

    Please Note that we use photos and videos of bikes that may show optional accessories that can be added for an extra cost.

    In general, the manufacturers do not offer a factory delivery program.

    For anyone looking to spend quality time in the big apple, contact us about the Mototainment NYC ‘Fly & Ride’ program.

    When you take delivery of your new or pre-owned bike, we’ll introduce you to the rest of the team (if you haven’t met them already).

    Our service and parts departments can answer any questions you have, but if you click the Service FAQ and scroll down to the Garage Talk, it’s a good place to start.

    No worries. We’ve got your back. Contact us and let us know what’s going on.  If your concern turns out to be a warranty problem, we’ll take care of everything.
    The Vehicle Identification Number, commonly referred to as the VIN, is a sequence of 17 letters and numbers that is uniquely assigned for each bike. The VIN is stamped into the headstock (the very front of the frame, just under the handlebars).  It can usually also be found on a VIN plate, connected to a more conspicuous area of the frame.

    The VIN provides some information about the vehicle and is typically composed of four sections. The first three digits are called the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). This identifies where the vehicle was manufactured or assembled and the type of vehicle it is. Each factory has it’s own identifying code.

    The next five digits (4 through 8) are the Vehicle Description Section (VDS). These digits provide information on the engine type, body style, and vehicle model type. The ninth digit is a check digit used internally. The 10th digit indicates the model year; letters (except “O” and “Z”) were used for vehicles up to the 2000 model year while numbers are used for 2001 and newer vehicles.

    For example, “X” means the 1999 model year, “Y” is the 2000 model year and “1” represents the 2001 model year. The 11th digit is the plant code. Finally, digits 12 – 17 are the serial number, which is unique to each vehicle.

    We use your VIN for Service Appointments, Recall Info, and Parts Requests.

    At this time, Triumph does not offer tours of the Hinckley Factory.

    The Ducati Museum and Factory in Borgo Panigale (near Bologna, Italy), are open to public, but need to be booked in advance, and conducted with a Ducati guide.

    For information about getting to Borgo Panigale, hotel accommodations and a museum/factory booking request form – Click Here.