Ducati New York is Mototainment. The concept is simple. Each person has a certain amount of funds that they dedicate to their own personal entertainment. Mototainment, is motorized entertainment… What we want, is to have an environment where each person wants to dedicate their entertainment dollars to motorcycles and motorcycle related products. How? By having an environment that is approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, easy to do business with and FUN.

Why? With increasing segmentation in the motorcycle industry and the gravitation toward “mall” like dealerships we wanted to create an environment that was specific. With focus comes expertise, we are the experts with all things Ducati. Whether it is the purchase of your first motorcycle or the custom build of your one-of-kind Ducati, we are your source. While we are in SoHo, in Manhattan, we have no limitations on the service we can provide. Basic service to full engine rebuilds are all available. Spare parts, accessories, apparel and the first, dedicated Scrambler Ducati showroom are all available to you.

Mototainment, LLC was formed in 2010 and opened as Ducati Triumph New York in 2011. In 2017 we made a bold move. We became exclusively Ducati and we are now considered the flag ship store for the brand in North America.


Steven Radt, is a motorcycle veteran with over two decades of experience. Radt received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University. Soon after graduation, he joined the Ducati team getting some sales, parts and service experience under his belt. After that he worked as a consulting engineer in the Automotive industry specializing in vehicle dynamics modeling. Rejoining the Ducati team in 1998, Radt quickly rose in the organization working as the director of sales operation and planning for Ducati North America. In his capacity, he was responsible for sales oversight, product planning and product development. After a ten-year run, Radt left Ducati, wanting the run his own business. Through a series of events, perseverance, fate and luck, Mototainment became a reality in 2010 with the dealership opening in 2011. Since August of 2011, Radt has served as the Owner and General Manager of the dealership.


155 Ave of the Americas

New York, NY, 10013

Tuesday - Friday: 10-6

Saturday: 11-5

Sunday - Monday: Closed